Monday, July 13, 2009

Fresh Garlic

Garlic for sale

Tou and me at the Minneapolis Farmer's Market

Freshly dug garlic

Some new pics from the Farm


  1. I love the garlic binder-clipped to the sign--that's fun. :-)

    Now I remember who you are, seeing this picture!

    The garlic I bought from you in September or so lasted me a long time. I don't have the world's greatest storage area for my root vegetables, but your garlic never got moldy and was extremely slow to sprout roots (even compared to other local vendors' garlic I've purchased in past years). In fact, I just went to check on my last 2 stalks of it (it's March 28 now), and the legs coming out the bottoms aren't humongous. The bulbs themselves don't look too dried-out. I never did see green tops start poking out like crazy, even after all these months. I could probably still use most of the cloves on these last 2 heads. It's everything I'd hoped for in garlic! I am very satisfied that I bought from you when I stocked up last fall.